Welcome to Pommerloch

Located in the Northern Part of Luxembourg, in the region of the "Parc Naturel de la Haute Sûre" and the Luxembourg Ardennes, Hotel Pommerloch and its nearby located "Bed & Breakfast Pommerloch" welcome you in one of Luxembourg's most beautiful sceneries.

Both properties are open all year round seven days a week. The two properties are located on the main access road between Bastogne - Wiltz and Ettelbrück, nearby the Knauf shopping center. It is situated in a calm and peaceful surrounding, a good location to discover the areas around.

The restaurant of Hotel Pommerloch provides you with lunch and dinner facilities and with a bar which is integrated in the brasserie & restaurant area. Next to the "à la carte" menu we propose you a plat du jour (dish of the day) priced at 15 € as well as a more elaborated menu of the week. Our wine menu features a selection of quality wines to accompany your meals.

No matter if you are travelling for business or leisure, Hotel Pommerloch and Bed & Breakfast Pommerloch offer you a comfortable stay and a warm welcome. 



Entrée du jour - Rumsteak avec sauce chasseur, pommes dûchesse et salade - Café ou petit dessert



Entrée du jour - Shashlik avec sauce Mexicaine, pommes noisettes et salade - Café ou petit dessert



Entrée du jour - Escalope avec sauce Ardennaise, croquettes de pommes de terre et salade - Café ou petit dessert



Entrée du jour - Tagliatelles à la Carbonara, (sauce à la crème avec jambon, fromage et champignons) servies avec salade - Café ou petit dessert



Entrée du jour - Poisson du jour, gratin de pommes de terre et salade - Café ou petit dessert


Dôme de saumon/crevettes
sce. dille

Filet d'autruche
sce. rocquefort/ porto blanc
garniture et salade

Glace vanille avec
fraises/ chantilly

Réservation souhaitée au  (+352) 269 51 51